Why Marmalade?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We keep being asked, so here's the scoop on the name... the legend.

There are actually two stories about how we got our name.

Marmalade Story One

When you research marmalade, you find some interesting facts:

  • Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay took marmalade with them on the first summit of Mount Everest

  • We all know about secret agent 007 James Bond drinking Vodka Martini (shaken not stirred) but in the book From Russia with Love, he is shown to be fond of marmalade for breakfast

  • Paddington Bear has a marmalade fixation and brought home made marmalade with him on his voyage to London from "Deepest, Darkest Peru"

  • The legendary fictional detective Sherlock Holmes is documented pondering his cases over a spot of marmalade and toast at breakfast

  • The great explorer Robert Falcon Scott (AKA Scott of the Antarctic) and his team reached the South Pole for the first time but died on their journey home. When they were finally found, tins of Frank Cooper's Oxford Marmalade were discovered at their camp

So, as you see, Marmalade can be thought of as a companion to those that dare to pioneer or take life's brave adventures.

"People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things." — Sir Edmund Hillary

Marmalade Story Two

When the founders of Marmalade were brainstorming potential names, one of them was at home and had a list of new potential names next to a shopping list on the board in the kitchen. As the founders discussed the names, one of their children spotted the shopping list and said "Hey! How about Marmalade?" Both founders are originally from Marmalade cultures (South Africa and Wales). One has strawberry blonde hair. One loves the color orange. It just seemed to fit and it's fun to say.

We love both our stories. People love our name and our logo. We love them too.

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