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As a WBE certified agency, we had an affinity with the Professional Squash Association (PSA) because of their commitment to diversity and equality.

Our first engagement with the PSA and University Club of Chicago was sponsorship of the Windy City Open, a prestigious international squash tournament hosted in Chicago's historic University Club. The juxtaposition of the state-of-the-art all-glass court housed in the 1909 landmark building with a backdrop of stained glass windows is really spectacular.

The PSA and University Club of Chicago have pushed equality in sports forward with their promotion of women's squash and their commitment to pay an equal purse to men’s and women's competitions.

As a female CEO who has a husband and female family members who were top-level squash players, I could not be more proud to associate Marmalade with the Professional Squash Association." — Carryn Quibell

Following a successful partnership in sponsoring and promoting the 2018 Windy City Open, Marmalade and the PSA have their sights on the 2019 PSA World Championships, which features the best players in the world competing for a $1M purse for both men and women. This will take place inside of a glass court built within Chicago’s Union Station - an iconic location that receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each day.

Marmalade will not only sponsor the tournament but also act as the creative design partner, helping promote the tournament and sell tickets via a multi-channel creative strategy and marketing campaign. We’ve taken this unique opportunity to accentuate the strengths of various top-ranked players by featuring them as superheroes of the sport. This treatment will be used across locations within Union Station, in print ads, on the PSA social channels, and other merchandise.

Simon Goodship, Marmalade’s Chief Experience officer is very excited about the opportunity this partnership has presented. Simon says...

“The superhero esthetic was so much fun to work with and brought attention to the unique talents and super human athletic abilities of the players. It raises the standard for how squash is promoted in the U.S. — Simon Goodship”

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