Marmalade's First Year

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We had a clear vision for Marmalade but watching it flourish in the first year has been really exciting for the team.

Rather than waxing poetically about Marmalade, we thought it would be simpler to share our checklist of goals that we have met this year.

Financial Stability – We are profitable and stable

Independently Owned – We are owner operated without any outside influence

New Brand – People love our name, our logo and our vision

Client Portfolio – We have great clients and have built long lasting relationships

Team Growth – We have grown the team x5 and continue to hire responsibly

Contractor Talent – We have engaged top talent to augment the team as we scale

Team Diversity – We have started to build a team that is a diverse group of thinkers

Company Culture – We have created a new, unique and meaningful culture

Leadership – We have hired key leaders that will help us to scale

Partnerships – We have engaged key partner agencies to offer broader services

Chicago Studio – We have a great space in a 1925 timber and brick building

"When we founded Marmalade, we made a list of talented people that we love and wanted to work with. Many of the hires we made in our first year added many of the people on that list. It makes us excited about coming to work to do great work for our clients."

We would like to thank our clients, our team, our contractors, our friends and our families for their faith in us and their support as we took a vision and made it become a successful reality.

"Our research has been validated. Clients value smaller independent agencies who put an emphasis on getting things done and providing value. Talent appreciates having a voice and being a part of something meaningful—not just being a cog in a corporate machine."

The end of 2018 and 2019 looks really great for us. We are excited to push our goals further and continue our amazing success.

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