Trust—Earned not Given

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

How to bring Commerce Trust into the consideration set of wealth management consumers?

A unique problem to solve - a highly niche target, a lengthy and convoluted sales funnel, and a general lack of awareness. While others may have run for the hills, we were excited to partner with our client to solve this multi-dimensional challenge. We started by doing our homework. Research into who this niche target was (very niche!), where the sticky spots were in the sales funnel, and the barrier to wider awareness and conversion. Together with our client, we created consumer profiles, a journey map, a future state digital ecosystem, and a maturity model that enabled us to prioritize action and initiatives to reach our goals efficiently and effectively.

Through real-time optimization tactics and a multi-prong approach to creative and messaging, we were able to prime their funnel with qualified candidates and nurture them through the complete sales journey.

Some notable wins with our highly niche target:

  • 159% increase in branded searches

  • Drove 11.1MM impressions in July, which was nearly 10x more than it was in April

  • Drove 64,939 link clicks and opens in September, up from 7,247 in April

  • 56 lead form fills in September, up from 9 in April.

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