Abbott Labs are a US-based, international health care company with annual revenue of $27.39 billion. Abbott was founded in 1888 and produces generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition products.


Abbott Laboratories engaged Marmalade to help them introduce Customer Experience transformation to the company through a strategic set of projects that built CX knowledge, instilled belief in CX methodology, and provided a way of measuring CX success.


Unique, New Future State Ideas Mapped Across The Candidate Journey


Countries Where The Abbott CX Excellence Playbook Will Be Distributed

Employees Receiving A CX Excellence Maturity Survey For The First Time.



The Abbott Corporate Marketing team wanted to be able to educate their employees about the value of using customer experience methodologies to benefit business groups around the organization. They wanted the content to inform, build belief and get employees interested in attending future CX workshops for deeper knowledge. Corporate Marketing also wanted to develop a way to measure CX improvement company-wide knowing individual groups had very varied data and KPI’s.


Marmalade worked with Abbott to develop a strategic set of initiatives.  1) Build Belief: A pilot CX project with Abbot HR’s Talent Acquisition team to use CX methodology to uncover opportunities for hiring two high-value employee roles. 2) Drive Interest: A CX Playbook providing an overview of CX techniques and case studies with information for employees to connect with Corporate Marketing for more information. 3) Measurement: An Abbott CX Index model showing how measurements about CX success can be rolled-up to an overall company-wide dashboard. Also, an initial plan for capturing a current state understanding of CX capabilities at the company.


Not only have you given us insight into our differentiated value to candidates, but you have also validated initiatives we had planned and given us interesting new initiatives for a future roadmap—some that are unique and PR-worthy.



The CX Excellence playbook was made to be distributed to all English speaking employees around the world. The content was designed to be 101 level in order to connect with an audience with limited exposure but had elements that would be engaging for more mature CX practitioners. The playbook encompassed many topics from customer research to measurement, and continuous improvement. The final playbook was distributed as a printed book and a PDF.

We developed journey maps after interviewing Abbott candidates, employees and Talent Aquisition team members. As a part of the mapping work, we broke down all stages and steps of the candidate journey (from Awareness through Employment), so that we showed Abbott the value of looking at the experience holistically and identified steps that would lead us to more granular insights and opportunities.

For our future measurement model, we developed a future "5E" model that balanced the Customer Experience measurements that Forrester Research has promoted with more internal, Customer Centric measures. As a starting point, we designed a survey to gather intelligence about CX Excellence in order to develop a baseline measurement.


  • One-to-one customer and employee research can shape competitive differentiation positioning.

  • Customer Experience transformation is about maturity steps. You have to walk before you can run. Don't plan for the future race without planning your next step.


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